Instant Strangers @ Shapeshifter Lab – “Ashed Rain”

Tim Berne, baritone sax Mary Halvorson, guitar Stephan Crump, bass Tomas Fujiwara, drums Live at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, NY, Dec 3, 2012 The inaugural show of this new collaborative quartet…looking forward to more! The piece is one I wrote for my first album, “Poems and Other Things”, after reading more » Read more »

Ches Smith Trio + Mat Maneri and Vijay Iyer Trio

A very exciting week coming up, with Ches Smith Trio + Mat Maneri (Ches Smith Quartet?) arriving at Korzo for the 10:30 set.  Can’t wait.  Then Vijay Iyer Trio starts a 5-night run at Jazz Standard this Wednesday! Be Sociable, Share! Tweet Read more »

Gowanus Bass Quartet @ Seeds Brooklyn

Looking forward to reconvening with Gowanus Bass Quartet next Wednesday, Jan 16 at Seeds Brooklyn for some deep tones and sonic exploration.  This is a great band (Garth Stevenson, Reuben Radding, Sean Conly) that plays far too infrequently…please join us! Be Sociable, Share! Tweet Read more »