Secret Keeper in Baltimore

This is from the last show on our “Super Eight” album release tour this May.  Lots of fun and great to be in Baltimore.  That’s Mary Halvorson on guitar, by the way!   Be Sociable, Share! Tweet Read more »

Jen Chapin “Go Away” from the new album, “Reckoning”

Here’s the new video for “Go Away” from Jen’s brand-newReckoning album, which arrives (officially) today!  Great work by all involved, including our boys Maceo and Van, who helped with the animation…but mostly to Nathan Leatherman who produced the video.   Be Sociable, Share! Tweet Read more »

new Jamie Fox Trio recording

What a beautiful experience we had this weekend recording what will be the next Jamie Fox Trio album.  Dan Rieser on the drums…oof…the sounds, the feel, and the wisdom.  I think we really captured some of the essence of Mr. Fox and his particular angle on music and the universe.  more » Read more »

Rosetta Trio “Still Stolid” at AMR, Geneva

I wrote this tune on a stiflingly hot summer day while making furniture outside for my new home with Jen.  The air was too thick to budge, and I was covered in sweat and sawdust! The tune will be on the forthcoming “Thwirl” album, due September 2013 on Sunnyside Records. more » Read more »