Vijay Iyer Trio headed to Spain for a week…!

Look out, Spain…when we get done with Malta, we’re gonna be all up on’ya!  Really looking forward to, well, first getting my suitcase back from the Brussels airport(!), then spending a week playing a run of dates in Spain with Vijay and Tyshawn.  Please check the shows page for more more » Read more »

3 Nights in Berlin

Glad to be back in Berlin for 3 nights of Vijay Iyer Trio performances at A-Trane…July 14, 15 and 17.  C’mon down! Be Sociable, Share! Tweet Read more »

Vijay Iyer Trio • July Tour underway…

So great to be, at last, in Montreux…there’s so much history in this festival, but Abdullah Ibrahim’s live album is the one on non-stop loop in my head!  Lots of other great stops on this tour with Vijay and Tyshawn…please check the shows page for more details! Be Sociable, Share! more » Read more »