Rhombal album update

We’re now in the process of mixing the Rhombal album as well as working on album art and design.  Good stuff.  Also, our PledgeMusic funding campaign is now at 84% with 146 pledgers and 9 days to go.  Please join us now with your pre-order, and help bring us to more » Read more »

deep in the mix on Rhombal album

I’m digging deep in the mix cave for the upcoming Rhombal album.  Funding campaign-wise, we have two weeks left and we’re at 79%…so it’s going well, but we still need to get all the way home.  If you’re interested in making this music happen, please pledge your pre-order, now.  Thanks more » Read more »

mixing “Brothers” album…

I’m about to begin mixing the new Brothers album, featuring Rhombal quartet with Ellery Eskelin, Tyshawn Sorey, Adam O’Farrill.  Also, our pre-order funding campaign at PledgeMusic is now at 74% funded with 111 pledgers having joined, so far.  This support and engagement feels really beautiful…thank you so much!  If you haven’t more » Read more »