Stephan Crump Solo

Project Overview

My solo performance journey got a jump-start by Mark Dresser, who invited me to perform at the New Music Summit of the 2009 International Society of Bassists convention.  Solo performance is a challenge I had been wanting to pursue for some time, so, although quite frightened, I jumped at the opportunity.  The program I put together is called Seven Improvisations: Modes of Expression and explores different points of departure for improvisation, from fully open to being based on melodic or rhythmic fragments, smaller structures to entire song forms.  It is a richly rewarding and empowering experience to put on an entire concert alone with my bass while trying to make it a compelling journey for all involved.  This is a path that I plan to develop…please stay tuned!

The entire program from the ISB convention is available for download at Mike’s Masterclasses.