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    Welcome! We've recently launched the Pre-Order campaign for my new album, Brothers. Please join us.
  • Rosetta Trio

    Thwirl, the latest Rosetta Trio album, has arrived on Sunnyside Records and has received rave reviews...check Thwirl page for more info.
  • Our new release, Emerge, has arrived on Intakt Records...please pick one up here. Look out for more tour dates coming up this November.

    Secret Keeper

  • Jen's latest album, Reckoning, is here...please pick one up. Check the shows page for tour dates and go to Jen's YouTube page to check out a few great new videos.

    Jen Chapin Trio

  • Vijay Iyer Trio's third album and first on ECM, Break Stuff, has arrived. Also, we have lots of tour dates coming up...please check the shows page and come join us!

    Vijay Iyer Trio

  • The Store is open ... Please have a visit for exclusive autograph edition CDs and digital formats of each of my albums ... plus, sheet music, limited edition Rosetta Trio illustrations, Thwirl vinyl LPs and even pint glasses. Thanks very much for your support!


  • Here’s a friendly reminder that the best way to support your favorite artists is the most direct way - by showing up at their concerts (and dragging your friends out to do the same) and by purchasing their music at shows, through their websites, or through your favorite retailer.

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